DIY Bow Holder

5 Minute DIY Bow Holder

Welcome to Cats and Skulls! First blog post. Yay!

As the mother of two littler girls I have found my house to have an abundance of bows.




The sea of bows…

I find them in the bathrooms, on the counters, in my bedroom, even in my car in every possible nook and cranny. I have tried to keep them confined to a small bin but they always end up migrating. Then one day I saw the solution in a store. It was basically a keychain loop with ribbon on it that they wanted $10 for and I thought immediately “I can make this myself.” And I did. For way less than $10

This is an extremely easy project than you can do with items you might already have in your home. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I’m all about cheap and easy.

So here’s my 5-Minute DIY Bow Holder!

Items you’ll need:


Round plastic shower curtain loops

Glue gun


Work surface

Supplies for Bow Holder

As you can tell my work surface is much abused loved. I used some ribbon I already had on hand. I did two strips of the thicker ribbon for the bigger bows, and one thinner on for that smaller bows and clips. The size you cut it to really doesn’t matter. Make it just as long as you want it. Mine are about three feet. I didn’t measure. I just made all three around the same length.

Cut Ribbon for Bow Holder

I got my shower loops from the dollar store. They usually have them in clear and white. I opted for clear ones.

All you need to do is glue the ribbon around the shower loop. I put lots of glue on the part that it clicks together so it would be hidden under the ribbon and folded the edge of the ribbon around it.

Steps to make bow holder

Now, I opted to use a loop on each end of the ribbon so it could be hung either way. You don’t have to do this, you can just let it hang, but I prefer having two. I finished three in about five minutes.

Finished bow holders

Here they are with finished with all the pretty bows. Now they’re ready to be hung anywhere!

Bow holders with bows

Did you try this DIY? How did it work out for you? Am I the only one struggling with little girls hair accessories? How do you store yours?

Now to figure out what to do with all those headbands…

Michelle =^-^=

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